Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones Review

All DJs know it’s vital to have good headphones — this can set you apart from other DJs. It’s vital your headphones have the ability to cancel out background noise, and also provide clear, detailed sound. I’ve been DJing for 13 years and have tested many headphones in an attempt to find the perfect pair. Here’s my review of the Pioneer HDJ-2000-K.




The Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones are cool, they are well designed, with a sturdy build, have great sound quality and are foldable. They are designed for longterm DJ & studio use.

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From:                          Pioneer

Style:                          Over-Ear


Pioneer is the most popular audio company, they specialise in headphones, CDJs, DJ Controllers and much more. Most DJs use Pioneer gear, in clubs and at home — this seems to be the preferred brand.


Pioneer HDJ-2000MK-2

This Pioneer model is very good. They provide a crystal clear sound which I really admired, a very good build so they feel like they won’t break any time soon.

They come with a very long cable which is a big plus. You can also fold them making it easy to take them wherever you go and you will even get a nice leather carry pouch. This model comes in black, silver and white.

A lot of professionals choose this model of headphones for their sound quality. Yes they are a bit pricey at $300, yet you are paying for the name and sound quality.

I found these headphones to be very good, but there were several downsides to this model. When I DJ, I like to use one ear monitoring, it’s possible to do so with this model but not to the fullest as they can only turn to a certain degree. You can flip them and use only one cup, yet I didn’t like that as I like to rest them on my neck and prefer the swivel function over the flip function. If you are not as fussy as I am, you will like them a lot.

Another thing I should mention is the size — as they covered my entire ear completely, it made me feel like they are really massive.

In terms of durability, some of my colleagues use this model and they claim they are indestructible and have had them for years.

To sum up this review, I have listed the pros and cons of these headphones:


  • Comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Durable
  • Good design
  • Foldable


  • Can get heavy after continued use
  • No swivel option
  • Rather big and chunky
  • Quite pricey


This model sells for $300-$350 in stores all over the world.

Alternative Options

If you’re looking for headphones at a lesser price with good quality sound I would recommend:

Pioneer HDJ-1500

Pioneer HDJ 1500 headphones

Audio Technica MTX50



This model is very good but pricey, if you have the funds, get them as they will last you for a long time. They look slick and if I were to get a new pair of headphones I’d probably choose these.

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