Did the Digital Era change DJ-ing

Many years ago, finding music was hard. You would have to go to a record store to find the good music you desired — spend hours searching the exactly what you wanted then buy the desired vinyl or CDs. The digital era has changed this by making music affordable and reachable to everyone (especially those with internet access).


This has revolutionized the sharing of music — it’s a great thing — now you can buy certain tracks instead of an entire album. Let’s discuss how else the digital era has changed DJing drastically:

Digital Music Media

As mentioned above, you no longer must physically visit the store to buy the great tracks you want. If you feel old school, you still can, but it will cost you more than buying it online.


Nowadays you can spend hours in the comfort of your own home, at your computer, browsing for tracks on Beatport, Traxsource or iTunes, then buy the ones you like and download them insantly. How awesome is that? If you don't like buying them, you can stream them for free on Spotify, Youtube or any other streaming service. All you must do is build a playlist with your favorite tracks, easy as that.


Sharing has never been easier. You can either post your favorite tracks on Social Media, email them to your friend, club or label, transfer them to your smartphone, or just store them on a USB stick and carry them with you. Gone are the days when you had to send your mixtapes or CDs via post to clubs or your fans. That had it's special moments, but the digital era has made it easier for everyone.


Instead of carrying a crate of vinyl or a case full of CDs to your gigs, you can take all your music with you — either on a laptop, USB or SD card. This has made DJing so much easier — it makes music so much more portable. Now you arrive at the club where you are DJing, plug in your storage device and you’re ready to go! Imagine carrying the equivalent number of tracks on CDs or vinyl to a club — you would need a minivan and a few friends to help you carry everything.



Because of digital music, being able to change between tracks has become much simpler and takes less time. Assuming your next track was on a different CD, you would have to eject the CD, find your next CD, insert, skip to the correct track, then play.

Nowadays, as you all your music on one USB (which can be linked between the CDJs), you save time and effort. You can organize your playlist in advance, ensuring the next track is ready to go.

Because of the advances in digital music, you are now able to also set up hot cues which allow you to set the point(s) in the track where you’d like to start and finish. Essentially this comes down to being organized. Although in saying this — on a vinyl you could place a sticker on the exact point where you’d like to start.

Yet the ability of hot cues allows you to over prepared for your set — it gives you the option to change your set at the last minute without the fear you won’t find your starting point in time.

You may want to start your song at the first drop, or just be aware that you need to mix out as you can see your final cue point appearing, notifying you in advance to get ready for the next song.


What would be your main concern with your CD or Vinyl collection? For me, it would be scratches — imperfections on the CD/vinyl which would eventually cause the CD to become no better than a coaster or paperweight. Like any physical form — it has a shelf life. After time — depending on your storage, care, and use, your music collection would run the risk decaying.

Your music collection could diminish — especially the CDs/vinyls which you played the most — and usually those would be your favorite tracks.


Digital music allows you to in favorite copy your music — keep a backup — even keep multiple backups! If you are smart you will use a cloud storage device like Dropbox or Google Drive, or keep them on a physical hard drive locked in a fireproof safe.

usb for music

This evolution gives you peace of mind you can play your favourite tracks without running the risk of destroying the track or losing your USB — as even if you delete a track or misplace your device, you have peace of mind it is stored somewhere else and you can easily buy a new USB and transfer your playlist across.

Overall the digital era has allowed us, DJs, an easy way to find music, a safe way to keep music and a simple way to share music. The only downside to this, is our music collection can grow indefinitely - yet who says it's a bad thing to have too much music?

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