Best DJ Headphones – Top 15 Comparison (Updated) 2017

All DJs know it’s vital to have good headphones — this can set you apart from other DJs. It’s important your headphones have the ability to cancel out background noise and provide clear, detailed sound.

I’ve been DJing for 13 years and have tested many headphones in an attempt to find the perfect pair. I have compiled this list of the best headphones on the market helping you with your next purchase and making your final decision much easier.





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Build Quality

There are seven things one needs to look for when purchasing headphones. One of those very important things is built quality.

Headphones need to be built well and that is a fact. There will be times when your headphones fall onto the ground, get crushed in your suitcase or have just general wear and tear from continued use. You want your headphones to survive the impact, some headphones are built very well and they will survive almost anything. Others are less so durable.

Some headphones are also waterproof (or at least water resistant) and shockproof. There are a collection of headphones which are easily breakable, it all depends on the brand, price as well as other factors, such as how you treat them.

It's very important that you buy a model that has a nice, solid build structure. You want the quality to be high and very resistant as you will be using them a lot (especially if you intend to make DJing a big aspect of your life!).


Sound quality is most important factor — this is one of the most important things to look for when buying headphones. You want your headphones to sound perfect for you! Any loss of frequency can make your mixing not sound good.

Bass, loudness, and clarityis super important. You need to be able to hear as much detail as possible, trust me when I say, your mixing will be much better when you clearly and accurately hear the song.

v-moda headphones

When purchasing headphones be sure to test out as many pairs as you can. I can not tell you which headphones to buy, as every person has a different sense of hearing — some headphones that I like you might not like and vice versa.

  • When you get to a store, test out all the styles and brands you like then see which one sounds the best to you. They need to have a good bass, mids and the highs need to be very clear at loud volumes.

Another great thing you need to look for is the noise canceling feature — this means they will block out all external sound. This is especially useful when you are at a loud nightclub, it’s an important feature which will help you focus more on your mix and less on what you hear around you.


Comfort plays an important role — you want to be comfortable. You will be wearing these headphones for very long periods of time, you want your headphones to be comfortable and lightweight. Take this into mind when purchasing headphones and again try out as many pairs as possible and see which ones fit you best.

I would recommend purchasing lightweight headphones because if you wear heavy headphones it will become tiresome after a few hours and your ears will hurt. Lightweight headphones are much easier to carry around which is also very important when you are a touring DJ like myself.

I'm going to mention one more that the most important factor — your headphones must have crystal clear sound at high volumes. This is generally one of the first things you will notice when using headphones and it is one of the first things to look for when purchasing a new pair.

Your Budget

The quality of headphones you purchase depends on your budget. That's why I have created this list so it can help you choose the best headphones for you!

Are expensive headphones worth it

It’s not necessary to spend $700 on a pair of headphones just because they have a captivating video, your favorite DJ uses them or because they have really good reviews!

  • You can buy an amazing pair of headphones for $150-200 that will sound better than the expensive ones and last much much longer. It’s all about branding and marketing. Don’t worry about that aspect, do some research and testing and you will see that I’m right.

Decide how often you will be wearing your headphones, what your purpose is, and determine your budget based on those factors.

Accessories & Extra Features

headphones with a swivel function

Another great thing to look out for when purchasing headphones are additional accessories and extra features you get with your headphones.

Some headphones have a swivel function which can help you when you are mixing with one ear, which is super useful (essentially this is a positive design aspect).

  • Headphones should be portable and foldable. With some pairs of headphones, you will get extra connections such as extra long cables, extra connectors so you can use your headphones with your phone jack and with the mixer input.

Some also have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity feature, but honestly a lot of those things that you will never need while you are DJing. Some extra features don’t help much and are just a marketing ploy to raise the price.

If you are using Bluetooth while DJing your sound quality will be lagging and it will not be as good as when you're directly connected to the mixer.

If somebody is trying to sell you DJ headphones with Bluetooth function and claiming how amazing it is (ie Beats by Dre) I would strongly recommend that you avoid it. You will not be able to use those in the DJ booth the way you want to.

headphones with wifi

These are the 7 most important things to look for when you’re purchasing DJ headphones. It’s honestly not that hard to choose a perfect pair - just listen to your instinct and get the ones that feel the best for you. Do not be pressured by your friends or colleagues, do not listen to what others say, decide for yourself!

Be sure to test every model you’re interested in and enjoy your new pair of headphones.

15 DJ Headphone Reviews

Here is the list of 15 DJ headphones there are currently best on the market — use this list to help you choose the best for you.

Pioneer HDJ-2000MK

At the moment, this is one of the bestpair of headphones on the market. This is a super popular model and actually have a very decent price, that's why you will see a lot of DJs using them. They are built very well, can take a beating and they sound amazing.

​Unfortunately, they do not have a swivel function which is important to some DJs.

Pioneer HDJ-2000MK-2

This is one of those models I would definitely recommend looking into, but some people may find them a bit too big which is the only downside. When I used them they covered my entire ear and felt definitely too big for my liking, the sound quality was still amazing.

They have really good bass, are very loud and have great sound clarity. They're very portable and they just look amazing.

Pioneer is one of the most reputable brands in the world of DJing so if you do come across this pair of headphones try it out you might like it and if you can afford them, do definitely get them. If you’re a big Pioneer fan — these are for you!

Numark Red Wave

This is a fairly cheap headphone model by Numark. They sound okay, it's not exactly a model I’d go for as they didn’t provide the clear sound that I’m looking for in a pair.

They do look cool and are designed well, but they just feel very plasticky and like they can break at any moment.

Numark Red Wave headphones

Personally, I would not buy these headphones due to my more advanced needs, but if you're on a budget they probably wouldn’t be a bad choice for a beginner DJ.

Again I'm going to say that one Golden Rule — try them out, you might like them. If you do like them, just get them, don't worry what everyone else says. Your ears are much different than mine.

Shure SRH750DJ

Shure is an overall good brand. These headphones felt bulky and not exactly my style. I prefer lightweight and much smaller headphones.

These headphones do sound pretty good, they are sold for a decent price, provide good bass and overall they have a good build quality.

Shure SRH750DJ headphones

I have not seen many DJs use these headphones and in my experience, they're actually quite hard to find.

These headphones are mostly used for music production and casual listening experience.

I have seen some big name DJs use them in a studio and have heard good reviews. It could be a cool choice of purchase if you manage to find them at your local store. Good Luck!

Audio-Technica ATH-M 50x

I just love these headphones! I was skeptical when choosing these and was scared that they won’t do the trick, but was I wrong. I personally own a pair and highly recommend.

They sound great, they have enough bass and super clear highs so music sounds really different and nice. It’s a nice change from the super bass powered DJ headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M 50x headphones

They come in a variety of colors and also come with great accessories like extra long cables and connectors, they are foldable, portable and you get a nice leather carrying pouch for them. Price is very good, they look sleek, they are very light and comfortable.

It's a great choice if you plan on using them to DJ or just to produce music. I have nothing bad to say about them and would highly recommend.

Beyerdynamic DT 1350

I have not seen many DJs use these headphones either, mostly they're used for music production and casual listening. Beyerdynamic is a very good brand of headphones, they provide a variety of open and closed ear headphones.

These headphones may feel big and bulky to some people. I have had colleagues say that they sound really well, especially for music production.

Beyerdynamics DT 1350 headphones

They look like a replica of Sennheiser hd25 Headphones with a bit of a design twist which would mean they are very lightweight. I cannot say too much about this pair of headphones as unfortunately, I have not tried them out. If you do find them give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.

AKG K181

This is a solid pair of headphones. They are rugged and well-built which may be a bit too much for a regular user due to their weight. The bass is solid and comfortable, you will have very clear sound.

These headphones have an interesting switch on the side to switch to mono and to switch the bass for larger or smaller venues.

AKG K181 headphones

These are generally good headphones, but as a lot of headphones have similar issues — the earpads are known to fall apart after some time.

AKG is a very good brand and Tiesto is sponsored by AKG and their higher end selection of headphones. Test out other models by AKG, they’re actually pretty good.

Sony mdr1a

These headphones are well-balanced, but they do not have the amount of Bass you might be looking for in your DJ performances.

You will like them for casual listening experiences like watching movies or some music at home. I wouldn't recommend these headphones for DJing purposes.

Sony mdr-1a headphones

These are very good all-around headphones, comfortable, good design and style.

Stanton DJ Pro 2000

These headphones look very similar to Pioneer headphones. I think that Stanton tried to replicate the Pioneer HDJ 1500 model but didn’t succeed.

Stanton is usually a good turntable brand, headphones — I'm not so sure. Personally, I did not enjoy this model, they are very portable and can be folded so you can carry them easier.

Stanton DJ Pro 2000 headphones

They have a stereo and mono switch, but my opinion was that these headphones have very low build quality. I do not want to insult the brand but I would rather stick with certain headphone brands but not with Stanton.

Behringer hpx2000

These headphones have a very interesting design — they are a little different than other headphones and they look sleek. Some of my colleagues have them and they do love them.

When I tried them, the sound quality just wasn't there for me. They do look cool, they're comfortable but they did not provide enough power for my DJ purposes.

Behringer hpx2000 headphones

They're fairly cheap and they do the trick as overall use headphones or an entry level DJ headphone pair.

Sennheiser hd25

Sennheiser is one of the most popular brands in the world next to Pioneer and this pair of headphones is a very popular choice for DJs.

This is a go-to choice for many DJ because they provide deep bass, are very lightweight and they come with a decent price.

Sennheiser hd25 headphones

I know many DJs love these but I just do not. Every time I tried to use them they felt like they will break at any moment. My colleagues claim they have really good build quality (even if they broke them 10 times and bought new pairs over and over again) but for me, they feel very plasticky and overly light.

I was always scared that they will break if I twist them the wrong way. Yes, they do sound great and they're very comfortable but just not my favorite choice.

Beats Mixr

Some say that these are great headphones. I don’t know what’s up with that. I tried them, they do have nice Bass and they look nice.

Honestly, I think you should avoid any Beats by Dre headphones in a DJ booth. Not one DJ I work with ever said that they can successfully DJ with Mixr headphones or anything made by Dr. Dre except his music.

Beats Mixr headphones indigo

I consider this brand to be extremely overpriced for what it offers. Yes, they are well designed and look fancy, they have loud bass but all this will not help you in the DJ booth because that's when the flaws start to show with low-quality noise cancellation and very little power.

V-moda Crossfade

These headphones look cool, they sound good, are very comfortable, light and portable. This is the best model of the v-moda world. They are a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

They are great for DJing, you can Style them in your own way and customize them with your laser engraved logo on the side.

V-moda Crossfade headphones

V-Moda is a very good brand. I was very skeptical about them being one of the best after reading some reviews online, I thought it was all of a marketing trick but once I tried them I was blown away.

M100 are great. I would highly recommend this as a choice of your DJ headphones. In terms of style, sound, design, portability, they are great.

V-moda headphones sound amazing and would be my purchase choice after my TechnicsRP DJ 1210 break down or get too old.

Technics RPDH1250

These headphones are really good and they have been around for a very long time. They're very comfortable and they have great sound with a nice deep bass. I remember that Armin Van Buuren used these a lot so it must have been a good choice.

Technics is a very good brand that used to make the best turntables in the world and for a while very good headphones.

Technics RPDH1250 headphones

I personally own Technics RP-DJ1210 headphones and have been using them for over 10 years, Technics headphones are absolutely indestructible and still sound amazing.

RPDH1250 model looks cool and sounds great but if you can find your RPDJ1210 model try them out believe me you will love them.

Sennheiser hd8

This model looks cool but there are just way too big for my liking.

They have pretty good sound, they come with a nice case but it just felt like my ears had too much space as they covered my entire ear.

Sennheiser hd8 headphones

These are supposedly one of the best DJ headphones on the market if we will listen to other reviews and such. The sound felt too airy and didn’t feel right for me.

I wanted to buy them some time ago as some colleagues said that these are awesome, didn’t like them too much and got the AudioTechnica MTX50 headphones instead.

Pioneer HDJ 1500

Pioneer HDJ 1500 are a very good model of headphones. You have the high-end Pioneer HDJ2000 model which cost a lot more and is a little bit larger in size.

These headphones sound great, feel very lightweight and they look Sleek. Personally, if I had a low budget and still want good quality, this would probably be the best choice.

Pioneer HDJ 1500 headphones

These headphones provide great sound quality, much smaller than HDJ2000s and just felt more comfortable. I would definitely recommend them.

The only thing I didn't like about this pair is that it didn't have a swivel function like the Technics RPDJ1210, if they had the swivel function they'll be my personal choice due to the price, build and sound quality.


As you can see there are many types of headphones you can get for your DJing or production use. This is my personal list of the most common headphones that are considered popular and best on the market.

I know that purchasing headphones may be a very difficult task for you as there are so many of them and you have no idea if you're going to make the right choice.

The best thing I would suggest is to go to a DJ store, test out an every pair you like that’s within your budget and trust your Instinct.

djing in 2017

You don’t have to invest a lot of money in a good pair of headphones, but if you do decide to spend lots of money, you will also get a lot back as some of these headphones I’ve mentioned will last you for many years to come.

Happy headphone hunting!

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