10 Reasons why 2017 is the best year to start DJing

2017 has started and it’s a year full of new possibilities — so if you live and breathe music, did you ever think of becoming a DJ? If you did, then read on as in this article I will give you 10 reasons why you should become a DJ in 2017.


1. Appreciation for music and control

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Do you love music? If you are an aspiring DJ, then I’m sure you do. Do you ever go to a club, listen to the DJ and think you can do much better than the one who’s currently performing DJ set?

I’m sure you will answer yes. You most likely admire some big-name DJ’s and wish you could DJ in a packed nightclub — I know I do.

  • Well, the best thing you can do is become a DJ — learn to appreciate music, get to know it and be in total control of the club and the tracks played. Make every event a memorable one — simply because you are the DJ playing the music you love and are so passionate about!

Imagine how amazing it feels when you’re the one everyone is listening to, and you know you will make the club go crazy. It’s an awesome feeling to be in control of the dance floor. It will make you love music even more — so share that appreciation of music with others.

2. Ability to travel

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Being a DJ will give you the opportunity to travel and see many new locations. Especially if you’re become a good DJ. Even just locally, you will see some new clubs or bars you haven’t been to yet, and imagine the possibilities when you travel to a different country for gigs.

Even if you have a normal job, you might be able to work remotely from another country and DJ on top of that — this is exactly what I am doing! Being able to travel and see the world will open your eyes to more than you can imagine.

If you try hard, refine your skills, you can become an international DJ, choose the countries you want to play in and go explore. “The world’s your oyster!”

3. Popularity/Groupies

DJing will also raise your popularity among friends and fans, even absolute strangers — worldwide. You post mixes online, perform at various clubs and watch your popularity and fan base rise. With popularity, you will meet a lot of new people and even start getting groupies. It will raise your confidence and increase your circle of friends.

4. Industry Friends

As a DJ, you will meet a lot of other DJs, if you network well you will make good connections for future gigs and even meet some of your role models along the way. Your industry friends will also help you out with music, tips and tricks, and you will have a great team of people to work and network with. Some might not be the friendliest type but don’t let that discourage you — maybe they are jealous of your newfound skills.

Some might not be the friendliest type but don’t let that discourage you — maybe they are jealous of your newfound skills.

5. It’s easy to learn

DJing has never been easier, there is a huge variety of amazing DJ gear out there that will make your start much easier. There are CDJs with BPM counters and even auto-sync. I wouldn’t recommend using sync at a club as people and other DJs will look down on you since you’re taking shortcuts.

Try learning to mix with your hearing first, but until you get the hang of it, it’s totally fine to use sync to learn the basics. There are also a million tutorials on youtube that will help you.

It’s easy! Financially, DJing is also now a viable option — in the past, you could only purchase CDJ’s or Turntables (which are quite expensive), where as now, you buy much cheaper options giving you the ability to become a DJ on a budget.


Obviously with DJing money is important. Good DJ gear can be expensive, and you also need to make a living. It’s not fun DJing all night and not getting paid. DJing is generally a well-paid profession. Either you become a bar or wedding DJ or become a professional club DJ — you will get good money.

  • Sometimes you might play for free for promotional purposes or just to score a residency, but any gig is a good gig as with that you build your portfolio which will land you better paid gigs. Remember someone once said “any publicity is good publicity”.

7.You do what you love

This section is self-explanatory — you do what you love! You’re not doing a boring office job all day that you hate — you’re DJing! You are sharing your love for music with the world and loving every bit of it. You are living your dream.

8.Free drinks & VIP treatment

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As a DJ, you will get to know people in the nightlife industry, which means you get free drinks, free entrance to events and VIP treatment wherever you go. Everyone will know who you are and will treat like a king — giving you free drinks or a VIP booth just by the DJ.

It gets even better if you’re DJing at a club — free entrance for all your friends, free drinks for everyone that’s with you and that celebrity status. Now who wouldn’t want that?

9. It’s better than a 9-5 Job

DJing and being a part of the music industry is better than a normal, boring 9-5 job. You only work nights and have the rest of the day off to either do your own activities or to research new music and work on your skills. You can only DJ for an hour, get paid and go home.

It’s much better than being stuck in an office or any other job where you must work all day for less money. It will give you more freedom to do what you want and enjoy those summer days at the beach, while your other friends are stuck at work!

10. It can complement your production

Every DJ should produce music and publish it to Beatport, Traxsource or any other music platform that’s trending. Well, that’s the way to go if you want success and international gigs. You already produce, so why not stand in front of a crowd and let everyone hear your productions.

Several years ago, production wasn’t that important when you’re a DJ but that has changed, and now it is very important, it makes you stand out, it helps you build your own style, and gets you more gigs. Get your songs heard, produce, DJ and enjoy your awesome career!

So, have I convinced you to become a DJ? It’s time to ditch the 9-5, share your passion for music with the world!

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